My Year in Books! What I read in 2014

It's been fun!
I first read Cress, which was a good book in the Lunar Chronicles series.
Then I read a few Stargate SG-1 books. Especially liked Sacrifice Moon, and if you like the series, then if you don't read anything else, read that. The Barque of Heaven was interesting, but not as good as the other one.

After that I saw the Vampire Academy movie. At first I didn't want to watch it, but I saw a preview of it in Project Runway, and it looked fun. The books were a lot of fun, totally not Twilight. So I do recommend for vampire lovers the Vampire Academy series. I went on to read her second series in the universe, Bloodlines, but it just got too much, so I decided to read something else.

Meanwhile, I also finished a Doctor Who book, Autonomy. It wasn't one of the better ones, sadly.

Last, I started the Heroes of Olympus books after the last one came out. I actually started the last book tonight. The series is very exciting. I only got around to reviewing them after I've read four. I'm also happy to see that Rick won't leave me without demigods any time soon. There is a new series coming next year. I haven't even read the Egyptian series yet. That's something to look forward to.