My life is about to change

This isn't really about books, I just wanted to tell you guys about how my life is about to change. So some of you may have noticed that I live in Hungary. I just turned 33, and a couple of things happened recently, that made me look at my life, and think about what I want to do. I almost lost my job. This made me look harder for another one. I've had a desk job for 8,5 years, the last 6 at the same company. I have chronic neck pain. Since I lost 13 kg, I have a hard time sitting, because I have so little meat left, and haven't been able to gain much muscle. In the past few months, my elbows started to hurt from keeping my arms bent all the time. My fingers hurt from all the typing. I have come to realise that I can't sit and work in front of a computer for 9 hours every day anymore. Not to mention that I'm very bored of my job. I also realised I'm bored of Hungary.


I got a new job on Friday. It's scary and amazing. It's just a receptionist job at a hotel, but what a place that hotel is in! It's in the Lake District, England. It means leaving behind everything I know, everyone I know. I'll be far away from family, friends. However, I feel that it will be for the better. That place is beautiful. I plan on doing a lot of writing. I haven't had inspiration for a long while.


Have any of you went through something similar?