Day 2: Book that I read more than 3 times

The Three Musketeers - Malvina G. Vogel, Alexandre Dumas

This was a hard one, because I just don't like to re-read. I've read Gone With The Wind twice, but that was once in Hungarian, and once in English. I do read parts, but not the whole thing. Okay, maybe one day, since the last time I read it completely I was 16.


I also thought of Harry Potter for this, but I only read the first two books twice, the rest just once.


Any other book? Like I said, I don't re-read.


Then I remembered, that when I was around 9, I read The Three Musketeers. Then when I was about 11, I took the three books out of the library again, and read the books twice in a row. I really adored these books. I guess then I matured enough for more books, and I just always want something new.


Truth be told, there is a story that I read 3 times, but it was fan fiction. The first Drarry (that's Harry Potter paired with Draco Malfoy in Harry Potter - for you guys not into this stuff) that I ever read. It was A Consort's Loyalty by desolate03 . It was a lovely story, full of interesting things, elves, and a whole new world expended on Harry Potter's. It just captured me, and I've been reading Drarry ever since. I even wrote one!