Day 10: A book that reminds me of home

Grimm's Fairy Tales - Brothers Grimm, Edgar Taylor, Marian Edwardes Egri Csillagok (Hungarian, Magyar) - Gardonyi Geza

This was a tough one. For starters, what is "home"? I live in two cities right now. In a way, neither feels like home. Then there is the childhood home thing. However, don't really have a book that connects to that. Then I remembered my first favourite books.


Grimm's Fairy Tales

The copy that I have belonged to my mum. It was printed in the 50s. Coming apart a bit, but a few months ago I took it out again, and I felt 7 again. There was this one story in it, and I wanted to look it up. I remembered it being my favourite, although it's not one of the famous ones. In English the title it "The Goose-Girl". In Hungarian translation it's a lot nicer. "The Goose Shepard Princess". I read it a lot of times. It's an interesting story.


Egri Csillagok

You probably have no clue what I wrote there. :D It's in Hungarian. It means "The Stars of Eger". Eger is a city in Hungary famous for its castle. In English the title is "Eclipse of the Crescent Moon". How they arrived on that title is beyond me. It's a historical novel taking place in Hungary between 1533-1552. I loved the characters in it. We meet all these people in a difficult time in Hungarian history. The Turks have been attacking since 1440s, with a decisive victory in 1526. However, people never gave up. It's a very colourful novel. The copy was my mum's too. I read it at least twice when I was around 8-9. It made me love historical novels. I do recommend it to everyone who loves history, though foreign people may need to read up on Hungarian history first, since it was intended for Hungarians who were already aware of the background.