Day 11: A book I hated

The Siege of Sziget - Miklós Zrínyi, László Kőrössy, George Gömöri

Falling behind a bit again. So I could have posted Twilight, but that's almost cliché. So I turned to a book that was required reading when I was 14. First year of high school, and among the about 10 books that we had to read that year was this gem. Written in old Hungarian, epic poetry from the 17th century about a siege. I got to page 2. I had no clue what I read up to that point, and I had a version where they explained the text. Let me tell you, I never got further than that. Not even threats from the teacher could get me to read it. It was like reading in Dutch or some other language I had no clue of. Maybe in translation it's better. I would have needed it translated as well. I probably would have shrugged it off, if not for the fact that it was mandatory reading. It made me mad that they would want us to read something that was in a version of my language that is so old, it's not even remotely my language anymore. Hungarian had gone through two revivals since then. For good reasons, apparently.