Day 13: My favourite writer

Carry on, Jeeves - P.G. Wodehouse

I'm not really the writer fangirling type. I did love the Harry Potter series, but I think Rowling made a misstep with Casual Vacancy. All writers make mistakes, I think. They are only human. Rowling is a close second, since her writing is pretty good. However, the first has to be P. G. Wodehouse. I just adore the way he uses the English language. Even if I just read a few lines, it always cracks me up, or dazzles me. I just feel that people don't write like that anymore. I would read something he wrote even if I didn't like the story all that much, just for the pleasure of seeing how he strings together a sentence. Sometimes before writing something of my own, I read a few pages of his works just to inspire me. That is why Wodehouse has to be my favourite author.