Day 21: The first novel I remember reading

Be Faithful Unto Death (Central European Classics) - Zsigmond Móricz, Stephen Vizinczey

I think I was around eight when I read this book. It's a Hungarian classic, so we had it at home. It's about a boy from a village, who goes to the big city school in Debrecen, and has to live away from his village. It's a pretty horrible book in its material. The child is often abused, bullied, looked down upon. Partly because he's a child, and in the 19th - early 20th century children weren't regarded as good, and also because he's poor. I still liked the book. Probably because I was an outcast myself at that age. I had a few friends, but enemies as well. So I could identify with the plight of this poor boy. It could be an interesting book for foreigners.