Day 2: Book evoking the Seven Deadly Sins (Irish Punk)

A Feast for Crows  - George R.R. Martin

I have to go with this series again. It just has it all.


Gluttony - oh yes, they enjoy eating in this book. Lots of wine, and all sorts of foods.

Fornication - there is sex. Not as much as in the movie version, but there is definitely some.

Greed - everyone wants something. Mostly money and power.

Pride - I can't think of one character who isn't proud. Maybe the monk. I think.

Despair - I think the one despairing mostly is me, because I just have no idea how anyone is going to survive the winter. Sam does despair a lot as well.

Wrath - Cersei comes to mind. Now that woman has a lot of anger, and she doesn't let it get pent up.

Vanity - plenty of that going around as well.

Sloth - perhaps this is the sin that is in the book the least. Everyone is very busy. Perhaps the only lazy person is the little king, but he's just a kid.