Day 5: Favourite book featuring a musician / musical theme

I generally don't read books with music, or about musicians. However, I do read a lot of fanfiction. I'm actually adding my fanfiction collection to Calibre now, and got back into reading fanfiction again. So this theme reminded me of a story I read some time ago.


The Entertainer by bkluv


Torchwood alternate universe fanfiction, with Jack and Ianto pairing. It's actually more about John Barrowman meeting Ianto Jones. It's a very nice, romantic story about these two men falling for each other.

I do prefer stories that stay in the original universe, but this story was light and fluffy. Also very-well written. Even enjoyable for me, who doesn't like romance much.

I do recommend it to non-Torchwood fans, who like some same sex pairing.