Day 6: Book that hurt you to read, but so, so good (Blues)

When I started this challenge, I wrote that I may be going over to fanfiction after a while. I think I'm doing that now. Organizing my collection, I realised that I've read hundreds over the years. A lot more than novels.


Sometimes the Best Gifts Come in Small Packages by Frayach


This is a Harry Potter and Draco Malfoy pairing. I actually read this last week, and cried a lot on it. A very touching story, I loved how Harry dealt with Draco in the story. The deep caring he felt, how he took care of him.

This isn't alternate universe, so mainly just for Drarry fans. A bit unusual story for me, because I generally try to avoid angst. However, if you are a fan, I recommend it a lot. Even if you're not, but don't mind slash, then It's something to try. You may get into Drarry.