Anyone know good free stock art?

I have a question to you guys. When you make cover for self-published books, where do you get the image from? My mum is almost ready with her book, a part memoir / part what if in Hungarian that I'm going to translate for her. What she doesn't have is a cover. She hasn't even thought of a title yet, which may be a good thing. So her main character has long black hair and around 30, and the story takes place in Florida. I was thinking of either a woman like that, or some beach thing for the cover. Now I live in a country without any sea, so I can't take the picture myself, which I'd prefer. What I'm asking is, does anyone know a good free stock place? I looked at DeviantArt, but all the black haired women seemed to have goth clothing on. I would draw it if either of us could draw, but frankly, I have a problem coordinating my hand while writing, let alone drawing.