10 Things About Me

Okay, getting on that bandwagon!


1. While I love reading now and read relatively fast, I had a hard time learning how to read. When I was small I entertained myself with stories that I made up in my head, so didn't have much of a desire to read from other people. I started school at 6 years old, and we were expected to read and write in 3 months. I really hated the method they were using, and had a hard time with it. My mum noticed this, and she taught me to read the way she taught herself when she was 5. My reading really took off when I discovered comic books. They were pretty expensive, and we didn't have a lot of money, but mum bought them for me. By the time I was 8, I was reading novels. I read The Three Musketeers twice in a row.


2. When I was in grades 5-8, I spent a lot of time in the big library in my city. It was near the school, and that's where we would go with my friends after school. We did our homework there, and picked books. I haven't been in a library since I finished the University.


3. Hungarian is my native language, but I was born in the US. However, when I was 2 months old my parents divorced, and my mum was afraid of being in a foreign country with a little baby, so she went back to Hungary, from where she immigrated 2 years prior. My father is also Hungarian. So I spent the first 6 years of my life behind the Iron Curtain. It wasn't so hot after it fell either. However, I learned English all my life. I went to a bilingual high school and got a degree in TEFL and American Studies at the University of Szeged. I also learned Russian, German, Spanish and Japanese, but I'm not very fluent in either, because I don't have a need for them in my daily life.


4. While I love to read, I hated Literature class in high school. On the one hand, the stuff that we had to read was really boring, and a lot. We mostly focused on Hungarian poets, and the novels we had to read we finished off in a week. Imagine reading Mephisto, only to cover it in three classes! I didn't really see the point. Plus I didn't like the teacher. She was really mean to us, and graded based on her mood, and whether she liked you or not. She didn't like me. She was also very Christian, and wanted us to write a paper in class without any preliminary study on the parable of the Good Samaritan. As an atheist in an atheist household who never even opened the book before, I had no idea who the Samaritan was, and had only a basic understanding of the whole Jesus business. I got a huge 1 (the worst grade).


5. I'm really interested in religions. In a way, they had been hounding me all my life. At the university if I had to draw a question from a stack, it was always the one on a religion. So I learned a lot. Christianity, Islam, Ancient Religions, I studied them all. I always find it fascinating how people can believe all that.


6. I love watching TV serieses, more so than movies. I especially like CSI-type shows and the supernatural ones. I always had a thing for superheroes and vampires, so finally, the trend caught up with me. I hate Twilight though, and even joined a hater group.


7. I'm single, and hate it and love it at the same time. Probably because my parents got divorced when I was little, I always had difficulties with establishing romantic relationships. Most of the ones that I had been in, I didn't feel good in. It was because they wanted to go out with me, not I with them. I've never had any guy return my love. I haven't been in love for about 8 years. I want a child desperately, but it looks like that it's never going to happen. Maybe people like me shouldn't have children anyway.


8. I adore cooking and baking. Even went to classes where I learned techniques and recipes. I'd rather make a 5 course dinner than go to a party, or clean a room. I especially love to cook for other people. I love to see their faces enjoying my food. Recently I had a party where I made several things for my guests. Loved every minute of it.


9. I love all things Japanese. It started with watching Sailor Moon on RTLII (German TV) when I was 12. Then about 10 years ago I got hooked on Inuyasha. I really loved the music, so that turned me onto Japanese Pop and Rock. Then I discovered fansubs, and how much anime you could find on the internet. Now I'm also watching dramas, learning the language a bit, though sporadically, and dream of one day going to Japan. Though it would cost a fortune, since I live almost right on the other side of the world, and make very little money compared to what people in the Western world make. My dream vacation includes an Arashi concert, walking around Tokyo and Kyoto.


10. I always thought I'd be a writer some day. I never had much of a plan as to what sort of a job I'd get when I was an adult. Now I'm managing databases, which is a bit boring, once you get the processes and the tools organised. When I was a child, as soon as I learned to write, I wrote down my first story. However, I've not been very good at writing down what's in my head. I start a story, and I have it all, but the writing process intimidates me. I constantly doubt myself. I'm always afraid it's not good, and everyone is going to hate it. I try to keep myself going with a memory. When I was in 6th year of school, we had to write down a part of an epic poem in prose. I wrote for about 50 minutes of a 45 minute class. When the papers were about to be handed out, the teacher said that she wants to read out a very special one, so that everyone can see how it can be done. It took me a minute of her reading for me to realise it was mine. She called my mum in afterwards, to tell her that I was meant to be a writer. She said that she had never meet anyone with so much talent. I try to keep that in mind. That I have talent, and I can do this. But then the self-doubt creeps in again and paralyses me. It's such a vicious cycle!


+1 - but everyone knew this about me. I'm really talkative. :D