Reading progress update: I've read 7%.

Waking Up Married - Mira Lyn Kelly

I'm reading ... ×gasp× a romance! Yes, you're seeing it right, it's not an illusion. I usually don't get passed the first couple of pages, but I've managed 7% already. That's like a new record for me. Okay, the book was free. Yay for Kindle. It's not so bad. Not terribly exciting, but I'm not a fan of romance, so just the fact that I'm still reading it proves that this book must be great for fans. So why am I doing this insane thing? Well, I'm working on this book. It's sci-fi adventure, but also has a bit of romance in it. I'm muddling along well with the talking part, but since I haven't written a heterosexual sex scene in about 8 years, and never actually read one in a published book, I decided to check one out, to see how others do it. Also, I'm hoping maybe I'll get more into romance a bit. I'm a terribly unromantic person, and having been single for ... 3 years, not helping. So, onto romance!