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Thanks guys for the suggestions! I've mulled them over. So the cover is apparently good, which is neat, because that was the art that inspired the story. You mostly just had a problem with the text. I also checked the size, so hopefully that's fixed. I decided to put my own real name on it as well. I saved the work as a template, just to be able to work on it more, if you guys think it needs it. I tried to look at covers that I liked on a site that mostly sold sci-fi and fantasy books.



So? Is it better this way?


Now onto the summary. Apparently I was trying to be too brief. Hopefully I won't be too long on this try. I'm such rubbish at summaries. I even had problems with the fan fictions I've written.


In the distant future, Galen, a space cowboy, is on a simple mission. He expects to be in and out quickly. All will go according to plan. The only question is; whose plan?

Inspired by the artwork The Emperor's Arrival by moonxels on DeviantArt, which is the cover art.


How about that? More precise, without trying to give away the plot. Should that be a ;? I'm never sure about that. My native language never uses it, so it's confusing to me.


Can't wait to hear what you guys think! I'm so grateful for all the help, and that there are people here I can turn to with matters like this.


So the story is on: