[Article] Anonymity, Transparency, and Online Book Reviewing

It's a good and interesting article on the whole Ann Rice petition. I haven't talked about it myself, partly because I'm not impacted. I don't read self-published works in general, and I only get free books at Amazon. None of which I've actually got around to reading. The reason to this is simple. I don't have that much time to read, and have other interests. Like gaming, cooking, writing my own book. Plus I work a lot every day. I also love TV serieses, watch at least 20-30 on a regular basis, so I often have marathons over the weekend because I didn't get around to them on weekdays. I grew up with the TV as my sitter.

I pretty much use my real name all over, but that's because I always keep myself to one rule. Never put anything on the internet that my mum or my boss shouldn't see.

I'm also not bashful. I'll tell you right now, I don't read romance, but love slash fanfiction in the world of Harry Potter and Torchwood. Even wrote some. I don't see anything wrong with it, and if someone doesn't like it, then I'm not interested in having them in my life. I did post my fanfiction under a pseudonym, but that's been my online name since 1995, so it's like my other name, integrated. Some people even call me Zelda in real life.

It could also be that I live at the end of the world, in a country most people don't even know exists, and those who do often think it's in Asia somewhere.

So I really don't have a dog in this fight, but I find the issue interesting. My own thoughts? The petition is bull. Back in the day, when the internet first started, no one used their real name. For most people you didn't even have a clue where they lived. Once I asked a person on Yahoo! Messenger where they were, (only the country) and I got told off for asking personal questions. It's only since the online and the real world lives started to mix with social networking and stuff that people started to appear with their real names online. Ann was probably still using a typewriter in those early days, or had her head too much in her latest religious awakening, and that's why pseudonyms on the internet freak her out so much. It's all just publicity anyway. She's getting on the bandwagon, because since she became all Christian-like, her books haven't sold. Well, I didn't find Lestat all that great to start with, back when I read it. The movies were way better.