Not a book, but this got to me - The latest episode of Bones

[Spoilers on the series Bones.]


Okay, I usually don't post about the TV I'm watching, but they discussed a topic on Bones that I feel important. So for those of you who don't watch, the series is basically about Bones (nickname), an anthropologist and Booth, a cop working together on cases where they find a body somewhere, mostly badly decomposed, or just bones. With a team at the Jeffersonian institute they identify the bodies and solve the crimes. They are based on a book series, but are very different.


So Bones and Booth dance around each other for years, until they finally get together. Have a kid, get married, there are stuff going wrong along the way, but they eventually get there. Then the problems around raising their daughter emerge. You see, Bones is an atheist, and Booth is Catholic. Their daughter gets baptised, for Booth. In the last episode, Booth wanted to take Catherine (the daughter) to church. Bones first said no, but eventually said okay, because that way she could see both sides.



I don't agree with it. Learning about a religion is knowing all sides. In fact, learning about all of them is knowing all the sides, and that would include Buddhism, Wicca, etc. Having your dad take you to a sermon every Sunday is indoctrination. It appeals to emotions. I see this move as just another occasion in the series where the atheist has to bend over backwards for the theist. This happens all the time, and this is what we can see in real life. We have to consider religious sensibilities. Like they are the special snowflake that we have to tiptoe around, because offending them would be so horrible. I'm not sure where I read that we shouldn't be scared of offending people from time to time. In fact, offending people can be the only way to progress.


So what should have happened in my opinion? The child doesn't go to church until they are capable of critical thinking, so above the age of 12-14. Until then, they are not able to assess the claims on any religion without appealing to authority, or the influence of the religious parent or a teacher. Booth could teach their daughter about what he thinks, but not in a formal setting. What's next? Sunday school? Catholic primary school? Bones have been giving into Booth on almost every subject, not to mention how she always tries to pacify Booth on the issue of money, since she makes a lot more.

Oh, and the compromise? Bones can take her to museums. Oh great, wow...