Finalised the cover and the blurb

You can see the whole finished product here:


Just in case you missed out on what I decided to do with my short story, "The Emperor's Arrival", here's an update.

I got a lot of great help, and it made everything so much better. I'm loving the new cover. updated the cover with new fonts. What I loved about it was that the Emperor's space ship is still visible. Maybe it even stands out more than it did before.



I bookmarked the font site. It has seriously great fonts there. I'll try to not download all of them. :D


The whole blurb looks like this now:
In the distant future, Galen, a space cowboy, is on a simple mission. He expects to be in and out quickly. All will go according to plan. The only question is; whose plan? His... or the woman's?


Inspired by the artwork The Emperor's Arrival by moonxels on DeviantArt, which is the cover art.

The cover was edited by


It was a bit silly to start with the inspiration, since it doesn't say much to most people, and I didn't even make it know that it was the cover art.

I also needed to clarify who Galen was. Though frankly, at the time I wrote the first blurb, I wasn't all that sure myself. However, I've been writing a sequel to this story, which I plan on being a complete novel. That made Galen's character in my head clearer, and his background.

I also neglected to mention that there was a woman. She's pretty important in this story.


So I'm ever so grateful for all this help. I'll keep in mind all your advice once I'm done with the novel. It's being written in Hungarian now, but I'll also translate it to English once I'm done. I'll also use your advice with my mum's book that I'll translate into English. She's writing in a very different genre. Sort of taking her experiences in growing up behind the Iron Curtain, and then moving to the US in the 80s, and what she went through with my father, but coming to a different conclusion. I had to get my writing gene from somewhere, right? :D