How to give a title?

I've enjoyed discussing with you guys the blurb of my short story, and the cover. I thought it was great fun. So it occurred to me that perhaps you guys would enjoy discussions about writing, and other things connected to books other than their content.


Something that I've been always struggling with is giving a title. "The Emperor's Arrival" was sort of a given, because it was the title of the picture that inspired it, and the title was part of the inspiration. I've also written several fanfics, and I think my favourite title is "Things Fall Apart, But Then You Build Again". With one fanfic I just couldn't come up with anything, so I ended up with "The Tale of One Harry Potter and Lucius Malfoy". I know, that was a bit lame, probably. Funnily enough, it's probably my most visited fanfic.


So I've been wondering, what are your favourite titles, and what make them so great? Are they closely or loosely connected to the content? Have you ever just picked up a book because you loved the title so much?