#BookadayUK 1- A book that made you laugh out loud

Weird Things Customers Say in Bookshops - Jen Campbell

This little book is a lot of fun. It kind of reminded me of my experiences at a help desk. Maybe I should write that version of this theme. Like this little gem:


Woman: My computer froze. It doesn't do anything.

Me: Have you tried to reboot it.

Woman: I told you it's frozen. I can't turn it off.

Me: Have you tried to turn in off with the button?

Woman: What button?

Me: The one on the computer.

Woman: Where?

Me: You have the big box of the computer. It's probably under the desk. There's a big button on it. You need to press that.

Woman: I pressed it and nothing happened.

Me: Hold it down longer.

Woman (after two seconds): Still nothing.

Me: Until it shuts down.

Woman: Okay, it's off.

Me: Now press it once to turn the computer back on.

Woman: Okay. It's starting! It's working!