#BookadayUK 2 - Favourite SF/Fantasy novel for World UFO Day!

Cinder  - Marissa Meyer

I didn't know there was a day for Unidentified Flying Objects. By the way, aren't you just annoyed when they mix up UFO with alien? Or is it just in Hungarian. Anyway, they constantly use the word UFO, when they mean alien. I often tell people in that case that the person wasn't flying for sure.


Back to the book. My favourite fantasy is of course Harry Potter, but I didn't want to put that one in, because it's sure to come up later, and I don't want to be boring. So I decided to disregard Fantasy all together. Sometimes it's hard to decide if a book is Fantasy or SF. I realised this when I was doing my database for the movies I had on video cassettes. Take movies like Blade. Vampires are Fantasy, but it gives a scientific explanation for it, so it could be SF. So since then, I always grouped them together. When looking for a purely SF book that I read, it was hard. Many could argue that the power the Lunars have seems more Fantasy than SF, but I still think Cinder is more SF, so I picked this one.


It's a great book, and you can read my review for it. I really enjoy the series as well. I think it's very imaginative, even though the Sailor Moon influence is obvious.