#BookadayUK 7 - Most chocolatey novel - it's National Chocolate Day!

Charlie and the Chocolate Factory - Roald Dahl, Quentin Blake

I'm just going to go with the most obvious one here. Like I said before, I generally avoid reading novels with too much food because I'm always dieting. Food shows are okay, I generally get good tips for cooking from them.


This book I read in Hungarian when I was little. I think I re-read it a few times. I read it in English in high school. We had a class where we had an American teacher. There really wasn't much of a structure to the class, it was basically left up to the American person to do whatever. The point of it was to practice English with a native. It's not a common practice in Hungarian school, but I went to a bilingual high school. So one day he showed up with a stack of books, and it was this one. I was so happy to read it in English! Most of my classmates didn't even know it. I may re-read the book again, even though I don't eat any sweets anymore. Yeah, really, none at all.