And so it ends

Last Sacrifice - Richelle Mead
I took some time after reading this book to write the actual review. It's difficult to write about a book that is the ending to a sequence that was six books long. I feel that I invested into the series a piece of myself as well. 
The story itself was exciting. I actually didn't guess all of the ending, just a few pages before it was actually revealed. In a way, I thought that it was a bit mad, but it's not something I find wanting to argue about. The most important thing about closing a series like this is that you tie up all the lose ends. They did all come together in a neat little bow, and the one that didn't got its own series, so that's fine. If anyone is interested, I am going to read that one as well.
The title did throw me a little, and I'm still not sure exactly why this is it. There was an intent for sacrifice several times in the story, but none of them felt like a last or final one. It could have been given for dramatic effect maybe.
Rose has come so far since the first book. I really had to check the time, and the six books take place in less than a year. I guess it could be called "the year that changed everything". By the end she had found herself, and was able to define who she was away from Lisa, and what place they had in each others' lives. While throughout this book I was worried about her, I was satisfied with how things ended.
Lissa, on the other hand was almost an open question for me. While the book did leave her in somewhat of a good place, I still can't help but worry about her. I am hoping the the other series will have enough of her in it to see where she goes from here.
Overall, a good ending, even though I wasn't a fan of the Rose pairing they had, but that was my own personal preference. Hey, I hated the Harry/Ginny pairing in Harry Potter, but that didn't bring the end of the series down for me. The series stayed true to itself until the end, and that's what really matters. I do recommend that people who like vampires, moderate romance, girls looking after each other, and some action in their books, check this series out. It was fun.
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